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Brew Up published!

The featured image shows the back & front cover. Thank you to Matt White, who produced both images and has an Etsy store so you can decorate your wargame room armor-style.

In December 2023, Brew Up was published in an Amazon standard-color edition. There is also a premium-color edition available for those in Australia and Japan (who do not have the option to order the standard color version) for about $5 more. Personally, I do not think that the difference in color improvement or paper quality is worth the cost to people who live elsewhere. On Amazon, one edition says this is a second edition to Leon & Tom's 1977 edition, but the other doesn't. They are identical—apart from the color and page quality—and are the new 2023 edition.

Being a small, 6x9" edition (76 pages), it was not feasible to collect all the GRC tables as we did in Fast Rules and Tractics. So, we have two options for tableside Game Reference Charts:

  1. A free PDF that you can print out yourself.

  2. A coil-bound Lulu booklet that you can purchase.

There is no PDF or Kindle e-edition of Brew Up. I recommend Brew Up for gamers who feel that Fast Rules is too simple but Tractics too complex.

Many gamers are tank-oriented, so we have included a Team Fire option for infantry combat. This is a modified version of the Tractics variant from Duckbills. Stands of a few figures can represent a Team (half squad), or one could consider them a whole squad. This is particularly good for using micro-scales, 3-12mm figures. This avoids needing individually based figures.

Source of Troops for Newbies & Grognards

Speaking of 12mm, I have a blog post called Starter Army in the Getting Started blog post category. The Terrain category helps with how to make a battlefield has a more diorama look.

One can resin-print 6mm troops already mounted on stands by downloading the free (or suggested $1.50) cost 3D file from Iron Cross on Wargame Vault. Maybe they could even be reduced to 3mm! If you do not have a resin printer, US-based gamers can get theirs from TK421 Brian Muñiz. Brian and MiniTankFactory print lots of 3-6mm items (and larger too).

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