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Friends of Combat Rules

This is where we list our friends. We have no connection with them otherwise, but we provide this space for them. While here, why not buy a couple of Combat Rulesets?

Shown in the photo are "Captain FS Bell," "Commodore Henry Harwood," and "Kapitän zur See Hans Langsdorff" at a GQ3 game on the Graf Spee I judged just a few meters from the real River Plate in Uruguay in 2015.


Two Hours Wargames & Nuts!

Click for Nuts! Campaign Supplements and Scenarios.  Read my Blog Post on the various play styles that Nuts! makes possible. We feature the Campaign Guidelines from Nuts! in our 9th issue of the free downloadable newsletter for Tractics, Fast Rules & Brew up, called Duckbills. We think that Tractics and Nuts! can be "bolted together" to make a better game that flows in an exciting narrative-style campaign

THW has many other thematic, fantasy, and sci-fi rulesets, too. Most use their free Chain Reaction system. When learning their rules, I strongly recommend you use their step-by-step Programmed Instruction; while it may seem like "baby steps," it's better that you not try to bite off more than you can chew—I know from experience. Their concepts are unique and worth understanding well without false starts.


TK421 Miniatures 3D printed tanks 1:600 to 1:100

Click here for a listing of 517 3-D printed tanks and other armored vehicles of 19 countries for the following eras: World War I, Interwar, World War II, and Modern.


MiniTankFactory on Etsy 3D printed buildings & tank miniatures 

Click here for a variety of exquisite Normandy buildings by Jens Najewitz, plus other terrain from around the world and out of this world. Tanks too!


Matt White illustrator extraordinaire can decorate your wargame room


Click here for an impressive listing of art prints with which to dress up the most ordinary of bunkers. Matt has been kind enough to illustrate all three of our World War II rulebooks' covers.

Click the headline or photo to get to CD:TOB play aids and find the Test of Battle store link. 

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