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  • Do you have "sales" or discounts?
    No. We start as low as we can for the early buyers. To give you the lowest price, we do not print hundreds of books ahead and have a staff handle shipping. Order, printing, and shipping are done by the company linked: Amazon, Lulu, Wargame Vault, or Zazzle, depending on the product. So, we do not have sale discounts. As those companies' costs increase, they automatically raise prices. We will not be responsible if our website is out of date on pricing or policies. An advantage of the Print On Demand approach is that our rulebooks do not go out of print. We show an eventual retail price that we project for Tractics items but also a current price. It is our prediction that with current inflation rates that prices will noticeably increase over time. PS However, both Lulu and Zazzle occasionally have sales of about 10-15% off. Email if you want to see if I know a current Lulu discount code. Zazzle's discounts are published on the same page as the hat or t-shirt you are looking at.
  • Price changes and foreign currencies?
    When we list prices, it is the last known US Dollar price. However, that can change as a vendor changes it price. We will not be responsible for these changes or our website not being up to date. Prices are subject to change without notice. If a website shows only US Dollars for your order from outside the USA, then your credit card should convert the charge to your currency. We have no control over that rate.
  • Do you have Gift Cards?
    We don't but click on the folllowing companies' names for their gift card option: Amazon (physical books & digital book, Kindle) Zazzle (swag)
  • How are my orders fulfilled from Vendors?
    Each printed product may from different companies & so the time for shipping varies. Ordering from multiple companies means that your order will come in multiple shipments. Amazon shows a shipping time estimate & if any expedited options. They have numerous fulfillment centers around the world. Of course, you will get AmazonKindle books immediately. If you do not have a Kindle, you can get a free app for your computer (Windows, Mac) and smart phone. Lulu has multiple fulfillment centers around the world. Our only Wargame Vault product is the D-Day Map and you get access that immediately on purchasing it. Journals, shirts & hats from Cafe Press and Zazzle, products may come from multiple companies.
  • How do I download e-products?
    When you order a Kindle version of a ruleset, follow Amazon's instructions on how to get that on your Kindle device. Click on the next FAQ topic for a link to download the free Kindle reader app for your phone or computer. If you order a PDF* D-Day Map through Wargame Vault check their download procedure on ordering (or if a problem, click Common Questions (FAQ). We regret that we cannot expedite companies' download process. *This is the only PDF product that we sell. For rulesets, we offer Kindle editions instead of PDF.
  • How do I get the free Kindle App for my phone or computer?
    Click below for the free Kindle reader app on: Macintosh Windows iPhone Google Play
  • Can one return purchases?
    Our products are either print-on-Demand (POD) or digital, and you order thru the company linked and must check their policies individually. Combat Rules does not accept returns. I don't know of any company that allows returns of digital products. See below for policies of the company that printed your book: Amazon's return amd refund policy is at the bottom of each of their web pages, to the right. Check that and follow its instructions. Lulu only allows for replacements for damaged items not for a refund. Wargame Vault does not refund and only allows for replacements for damage items, if the print job was defective (see the next FAQ). Zazzle does have a 30 day money-back-guarantee. Click here for procedure.
  • Can one get a replacement if defective?
    If your printed book from Amazon is damaged in shipping, see the bottom of each of Amazon's web pages, to the right. Click here for Lulu's policy on replacements. Click here for Wargame Vault's policy on defective print jobs. Click here for Zazzle's policy on replacements.
  • Do you publish Errata or free Play Aids?
    Yes! There are three sources: • Blog has categories (on a desktop computer at the left by the ruleset, or on a mobile phone, click "Show," and categories will be displayed. • Free, downloadable PDF newsletter of variants and play aids for Tractics called Duckbills. • For rulesets with a Facebook fan group (like Tractics), join and see the group's file section.
  • How do I get the latest word?
    Enter your email address for the latest on new rulesets and other products. See the form at the bottom of the webpage.
  • What if I have another question?
    We welcome your contacting us. Please click on the Contact link at the top of the webpage. Please note that we do not receive any information about your orders from either Amazon, Wargame Vault etc., so you must follow their website procedures.
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