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Game pieces, cards & sources.


Here, we are offering play aids that we are testing by various custom vendors. It is important to note that most of these vendors do not have a money-back guarantee if you don't like the items. Caveat emptor! However, they may replace items that they made incorrectly. See their websites for their terms & conditions. As noted in our FAQ above, Combat Rules does not fulfill these orders; you order from the vendor linked.

Being “Print On Demand,” production may be slower than expected. The Game Crafter gives you an “Urgent” production option that doubles the cost of the item. This seems like a lot, but considering these are one-off items, it's their way of giving you the option to cut the time from many weeks or even a few months to perhaps a week (plus shipping time).

*Order card sleeves from Mayday Games in packs of 50 (heavier plastic called Premium) or 100 (thinner called Standard) sleeves. The card size to be inserted is called Euro Poker and measures 63.5x85mm, interior dimension. This sleeve is made to fit cards of that size. Mayday's order and shipping are fast.

Important note: scheduling custom bits can take weeks before shipping. The Game Crafter will ship much more quickly if you pay an "Urgent" fee equal to 100% of the order cost.

CD:TOB Order Cards

Instead of placing order counters and avoiding their clutter for Command Decision: Test of Battle, I have made up order cards, and you indicated orders by writing them with rub-off markers.

Click here for an explanation & download a free landscape-shaped PDF version.

Write orders with either:

1) Dry-erase markers (also available from The Game Crafter) wipe off with a dry rag or tissue. Warning: markings may come off when touched. Cards have a UV coating that allows the Dry-Erase markings to rub off easily.


2) Place cards in "sleeves"* and orders written with Sanford A/V markers, then wipe off with a moist rag (it is less likely to be rubbed off writing with your fingers).


Each pack of portrait-shaped cards  comes with 18 double-sided 63x88mm “Euro Poker” sized cards to a set (6 each in pale green, tan & gray), printed on both sides as shown on the left.) The cards have UV Coating to make the cards more durable.

Order cards from

More Bits to Come

Coming soon: terrain mats, in felt & fleece, with or without hexes or squares (in various sizes).


Our Fightin' Fields mat's shapes are inspired by a WWII P-38 aerial recon photo of Normandy.


Do you have other ideas for play aids?

Let us know!


A P-38 with invasion markings. The F5 was the photographic version of the P-38. The Museum’s P-38, though not a photo plane, is at our Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. (NASM-9A14039-020)

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