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CD:TOB, Command Decision Play Aids (free)

With the authorization of Glenn Kidd on 6/21/23, I temporarily made this page so fellow CDTOB gamers can access the play aids that Test Of Battle games made freely available for public download. Most of the TOB site has been inaccessible for months (except for the store, fortunately). However, the shopping cart doesn't work, so email, and (alternate email:) Jackie Geipel will work it out.

Important note: one cannot download the ruleset. One can still buy the physical ruleset from the link in the previous sentence.


With no repair yet in sight, I offered on the CD fans' Facebook group to post these free play aids on my Wargame Campaign blog. Unfortunately, WordPress disallows zip files to be uploaded. So, for now, I have posted them on this page at  If you have new versions or a document I missed, contact Bill Owen.

The files are grouped by type, and each group is compressed into a zip archive (each from .5 to 15 Megabytes). You open the archive by clicking on it. You should then see a folder with 7-13 documents in it.

UPDATE 7 August 2023: Matthew Tyler advised on the CD Facebook group of a new site for what I call his CDTOB RoboChartMaker! It's a database allowing you to print custom, scenario-specific weapon listings for each side or player. It's free, and he donated all the time to program it and keep it on the web for you to use:

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