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A Friend of Combat Rules

We have no connection with them otherwise, but we provide this space for them. While here, why not buy a couple of Combat Rulesets?


MiniTankFactory on Etsy 3D printed buildings & tank miniatures 

Click here for a variety of exquisite Normandy buildings by Jan Najewitz, plus other terrain from around the world and out of this world. Tanks too!


I discovered that Zachary Cramer's MiniTankFactory produces 6mm versions of the Normandy buildings that Jen Najewitz designed via his Etsy store. Najewitz's excellence in building design is legendary, but for the tiny 6mm scale, he had to re-design to "exaggerate" the detail. This allows one to easily "wash & dry brush" to pick out bricks, windows, etc. The license to print these exquisite buildings is pretty expensive (another reason I decided not to get a 3D printer).


I asked Zachary if he would make 3mm versions, and he ran some samples to see if they looked okay. He said that they were great and uploaded several options for sale. See a photo of the 3mm Normandy buildings above.


While at over 20%, the Etsy shipping & handling is beefy for a small order; with $35 or more, one gets free shipping. So, rather than buy $29 of buildings and pay shipping, add $6 worth of buildings (or tanks) and pay $0 for shipping! One always needs lots of terrain—I'd argue that more terrain than troops makes for better games.


To see the 3mm buildings, find the shop MiniTankFactory and enter 3mm in the shop's search field. He also has Marco Bergman tanks in various scales sold in "threes." But I think one can mix three different types, so that's a minimum multiple of three tanks. Soon you'll be saying, "Tanks! Tanks a lot!"

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