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Brew Up Comparison

The following table describes the difference between the two editions.

Compare the difficulty of finding Vehicle Data in listings where the type size is smaller, and there is no graphic element (like gray tones behind every other line). Armor and Penetration classes are now numbered rather than lettered to ease the calculation of the Penetration Overmatch die roll bonus.

Notice that the Direct Hit HE excerpt shows how To Hit and other success dice rolls are in red ink.

*Tables have larger print, every other line has a grey tone, To Hit & other key dice scores are in red ink, with some illustrations.

**Gun categories encompass bore size & caliber (barrel length) such as for the 75mm & 90mm bores there are four calibers/velocities: Low, Medium, High, and Extreme.

Since the new standard-color second edition is not available from Amazon in Australia and Japan, click on either link for those countries’ editions in premium color (costs $5 more), released on 1/5/24.

GRC=Game Reference Charts. Vehicle countries: France, Germany, Italy, Japan UK, USA, and USSR.

A few clarifications have been added such as HE effectiveness. Armor and Penetration categories have been changed from letters to numbers to make it easier to determine the overmatch bonus. Numerous Armor value corrections were made with the help of Michael Reese. Includes 22 pages of core rules, 18 pages of Game Reference Charts, 36 pages of Advanced Rules and miscellaneous (front matter, index, etc.)

LINK to buy: Brew Up, second edition for all (but Australia & Japan, click above links)

Download free PDF of Game Reference Charts

Buy coil-bound booklet of Game Reference Charts

Download free copies of Duckbills newsletter featuring our WWII rulesets

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