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You are a plankowner!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

By reading this, you have boarded SS Combat Rules, the vessel carrying us to new realms and memorable stories. Plankowners are the crewmembers on the first voyage.

Let's get right to it. Fast Rules is the first ruleset to be re-released. I am waiting on the approval from Wargame Vault for the graphic, okay. And the Amazon Kindle version is done and being proofed.

We realize that some people want immediate gratification, so the Kindle edition provides that. Others like a printed book in their hands. Indeed it is a beautiful full-color print job.

Now, back to Tractics. We have gotten about 90% of that redone and waiting on proofing and final bits from Mike Reese. I hope it will be all proofed and done by February or March.

Below, HMS Exeter in Panama 1934

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