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Tractics About To Be Detected

We have been busy with correcting the final typos and adding new material. So even though I should know better, I am confident that we will have the Tractics rulebooks and 3 optional Chart Supplements available for purchase by early December.

Each day Mike sends me a few more typos to fix and fine-tuning on rules. But the end is in sight. So I have prepared the optional Chart Supplements and updating web pages when caught up with his daily incoming barrage.

However, I have been remiss in not updating this blog. As James Dunnigan used to say, the German artillery's horses couldn't both forage and pull howitzers. So likewise my priority completing the products to put them on the web for sale. Rather than "forage" for something to bloviate here on the blog about the

In the meantime, I have updated two of my personal, Wargame Campaign blog pages that you are invited to peruse:

How to bind the charts—paste on the wall and/or put them in sheet protectors/3-ring binders:

Download free play aids:

Thank you all for your patience!

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