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"E Gary Gygax would be proud"

Another guest post after receiving the new edition. This one is from Terry Terry:

"Tractics Review

The updated edition of Tractics has hit the shelves. It has been over 50 years since the first edition was put out by TSR (Tactical Studies Rules). It has been out of print since around the early 1980s. I still have my boxed copy that I picked up about 1979 when I got into tabletop wargaming. Tractics was typical of the WWII rules that were out there along with Angriff and others. All were very rules heavy and based on data from a variety of sources. This edition stays true to the original.

The current version is definitely an upgrade from the original. The modern production values make a world of difference. No longer do you have to deal with small typewritten rulebooks and cramped hard to read tables. The text is easy to read in a large book format. The tables are well organized and also easy to read and interpret. Best of all pages 186 and 187 provide something missing in most modern rules, an index! Now you have a better chance of finding what you are looking for without having to shuffle through page after page.

The rules appear to be laid out in the same order as the original books. However, there have been helpful additions provided. First there are three choices in the rules. You may use the original 1971 Classic Version, the Modified Version from the 1976 article in Little Wars, and the 2021 Updated Version. These updates provide some streamlining and the players can mix and match as they see fit.

What really helps the beginners are the examples that are throughout the book. These examples take the players step by step through a game turn with full color diagrams of the action. This is much better than the old way of reading the rules and trying to figure out exactly what is meant. Then there are the Examples of Play starting at page 160 and ending on 177. This section is packed with information.

Tractics provides gamers with great detail and enjoyment. Those of you that prefer skirmish type games with a lot of detail should check out this version. This edition would make E. Gary Gygax proud."

Thanks Terry. I also think Gary would like it! And I think he'd apply the quote about Role Playing to Tractics also.

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