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Fast Rules Kindle Book Cover
Fast Rules
Kindle edition now available
Fast Rules Printed Book
Fast Rules
Printed editions now available
Now available
D-Day Map
D-Day Map & Swag
now available
Part of our Wargaming With Miniatures series

Wargame rules help you create the narrative.



How it started? Having been an avid wargamer for decades, I pined for my old copy of Tractics and Fast Rules for a double-blind project. My goal for this project was to keep the rules manageable but the suspense and surprise at maximum.

I found the authors and publishers. I also found that the copyright status was a bit complex and would apply through the 2060s! After being a co-founder of the Judges Guild in 1976, retiring in 1978, how's it going? I'm back in wargame publishing again! While thinking about all this, I also rediscovered some forgotten concepts and "style of play" that others might enjoy. Now after 26 months of work with Mike Reese Tractics is back in print again! - Bill Owen, Publisher

Dice D20s


The rules set the stage and you start the show. Getting these great rulesets back in print is a big project, and we are making judicious updates. Indeed, with Desktop Publishing, they look a lot nicer.

We will have e-versions also: Kindle for Fast Rules and PDF for Tractics.

*(puh-nash] French for dash, verve; a bunch of feathers or a plume, especially on a helmet!

Our guiding principles:


  • We always have more fun and excitement with more people playing, getting into the game’s story.

  • We never push for historical realism at the expense of playability nor insist on playing just one game.

  • We deeply believe that wargames are about sharing and discovery with new and old friends, inclusively.

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