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Buying 3D Miniatures

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

As part of my gamer Getting Started section, I have been collecting options of companies that 3D print miniatures and posting about them to the degree I hear back from them in a timely manner. I considered getting a 3D printer but got cold feet (for now) when I realized how it might become a hobby in itself, crowding out my wargaming! The upfront cost is significant. And what if I make a hash of it?

So I have two companies to report on:

  1. TK421 Miniatures is run by Brian Muñiz from Puerto Rico. At first, I wondered if postage "to" the USA might be prohibitive. But being a sharp guy, I remember that PR is part of the US! Indeed he only charges the USPS $8.10. What got my attention is that he has 517 models to choose from: World War I, Interwar, World War II & Modern. Marco Bergman licenses them. Furthermore, he will print in resign (better detail) various scales I'm interested in from 15mm (1:100), 12mm (1:144), 6mm (1:285), and even 3mm (1:300)! The prices are reasonable, and one can buy just one of a given model type, rather than 5 or 15. He also prints aircraft etc. Click to go to Brian's page.

  2. Zachary Cramer's MiniTankFactory is my next responsive vendor. I discovered he produces 6mm versions of the Normandy buildings that Jen Najewitz designed via his Etsy store. Najewitz's excellence in building design is legendary, but for the tiny 6mm scale, he had to re-design to "exaggerate" the detail. This allows one to easily "wash & dry brush" to pick out bricks, windows, etc. The license to print these exquisite buildings is pretty expensive (another reason I decided not to get a 3D printer). I asked Zachary if he would make 3mm versions, and he ran some samples to see if they looked okay. He said that they were great and uploaded several options for sale. While at over 20%, the Etsy shipping & handling is beefy for a small order; with $35 or more, one gets free shipping. So, rather than buy $29 of buildings and pay shipping, add $6 worth of buildings (or tanks) and pay $0 for shipping! One always needs lots of terrain—I'd argue more terrain than troops makes for better games. To see the 3mm buildings, find the shop MiniTankFactory and enter 3mm in the shop's search field. He also has Marco Bergman tanks in various scales sold in "threes." But I think one can mix three different types, so that's a minimum multiple of three tanks. Click to go to Zachry's page.

Since these are responsive guys eager to please, I decided to add a FRIENDS link at the top of each webpage that links to their sites. I have no connection and not guaranteeing them, but I wanted you to know about them.

PS I volunteered to help with Test Of Battle Games, which has had website difficulties. They make fantastic rulesets, Command Decision, and Volley & Bayonet. But gamers on their Facebook fan groups complained that one could not download the free play aids currently. So as a stopgap, I uploaded them on my site to help out

Click at the top of any page or here to see all FRIENDS of Combat Rules.

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